Welcome back to the great indoors

COVID-19 exposed the risks inside buildings. Science will help us reduce them.

Mask Use
Ability to Distance

Pathogen risk levels in shared spaces are influenced by three factors:

Occupant Dynamics

Number of people, duration, activity type, ability to distance, and mask use.

Building Performance

Layout and design, cleaning, ventilation, and air filtration.


Community infection and vaccination rates; prevalence of variants.

Proven science, advanced technology

ParticleOne applies building science and computational modelling to design pathogen risk-management solutions.

Profile risk

Quantify your building’s unique pathogen risks

Mitigate risk

Match the right mitigations to fit the specific use and layout of your space.

Monitor risk

Track and communicate changing risk factors and emerging community trends.

ParticleOne Consulting

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Benefit from access to leading building and genomic scientists, including the world-renowned environmental engineers at RWDI, to build evidence-based pathogen risk-management strategies.

ParticleOne Research

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Access the latest tools, emerging knowledge and research performed by ParticleOne genomic scientists and air-quality researchers. Learn more

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With ParticleOne, you gain access to leading experts in building sciences and genomics—and the digital tools they develop and use.

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