ParticleOne Platform

To manage pathogen risk, it must be quantified. The ParticleOne Platform is cloud-based software that measures, models and reduces the risk of viral transmission within a specific shared space.

Create healthier spaces to restore confidence, prevent disruptions, and increase productivity

The health of a business depends on the health of its workforce. With pathogens, the health risks are always changing. Just as cyber-security risks constantly evolve, requiring continued diligence and updated plans, so do pathogen risks. The ParticleOne Platform equips facility operators with the tools to make informed, science-based decisions that reflect current risks—and then alerts clients when new threats emerge requiring plans to adapt.

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Profile graphic

Profile risk

What is the risk level of this space? To effectively calculate the risk level of a specific space, facility operators input the building, and occupancy details to build an accurate, customized profile. These characteristics coupled with our pathogen transmission risk algorithms provide a quantified output of the potential risk.

Mitigate graphic

Mitigate risk

What measures should be added? Which ones can be reduced? Science-based modelling illustrates how to reduce risks and what the impact of changes might be.

Monitor graphic

Monitor risk

Has our risk level changed? Where are we best to focus our risk-management efforts now? A simple view of all buildings across an entire organization identifies where action is needed and how risk levels may change over time.

Whether it is COVID today or a new pathogen threat tomorrow, the ParticleOne Platform continues to evolve to manage healthy spaces for years to come.

ParticleOne Consulting

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Benefit from access to leading building and genomic scientists, including the world-renowned environmental engineers at RWDI, to build evidence-based pathogen risk-management strategies.

ParticleOne Research

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Access the latest tools, emerging knowledge and research performed by ParticleOne genomic scientists and air-quality researchers. Learn more

Manage pathogen risks with ParticleOne technology and world-class consultants