Predictive software for healthy buildings

The only healthy air technology developed by building-performance engineers and informed by global epidemiology data, ParticleOne measures and reduces the risk of indoor airborne viral hazards.

Remove the complexity of managing healthy spaces.

ParticleOne empowers organizations to make proactive, science-based decisions to reduce absenteeism and protect the health and productivity of occupants and workforces. Easy to implement and use, ParticleOne keeps indoor spaces “Prepared” against viral threats.

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Easily model a shared space in minutes to measure its viral risk level and confirm if your mitigations are working.

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Profile a building in minutes

Users input basic information about a building and its occupants. This includes building location, size, layout, HVAC, air filtration, etc., as well as occupant behaviour and numbers, masking/vaccine policies, if relevant. (Default values are available when information is unknown.)

Mitigate to reduce risk levels

ParticleOne then generates thousands of simulations for every space, measuring its transmission risk for multiple viruses and likely absenteeism rates. The software will apply a risk rating as either Prepared or Caution. Clear mitigation options are outlined to ease decision-making for any spaces at risk. Adjustments may include:

  • HVAC and air filtration
  • Occupancy levels and restrictions
  • Layout and distancing barriers
  • Vaccine mandates
  • Rapid testing programs
  • Masking policies
  • And more

Monitor for emerging risks or changes

ParticleOne continuously monitors all buildings, alerting users when action is required. Without any new inputs from users, the software runs regular simulations that apply the latest global and local epidemiological data to ensure buildings remain in a “Prepared” state. In addition to user-friendly dashboards and push alerts, weekly emails provide peace of mind with a summary of the specific risks across a user’s portfolio, confirming if you are still safe.

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Create healthy, virus-resilient buildings with ParticleOne