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We use science and technology to create safer, people-first spaces.

Who we are

ParticleOne is an RWDI Ventures company. As the startup incubator for RWDI, a world-renowned environmental engineering firm, RWDI Ventures develops innovative companies and products that prioritize the planet and people. With a focus on sustainability and combatting complex challenges like a changed climate, Ventures’ launches new initiatives every year. Three companies have launched so far, with several more in various stages of development.

Launched in 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ParticleOne applies RWDI’s deep expertise in building science and air quality to create healthy, virus-resilient buildings.

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Launched in 2020, Orbital Stack is a digital tool that applies RWDI’s specialized expertise in wind engineering and microclimate analysis to enable the design of climate-conscious buildings and outdoor spaces.

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The first company in Canada to offer point-of-care PCR rapid testing for SARS-CoV-2 in 2020, Songbird Life Science ensures access to accurate testing to protect people and keep businesses running.

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Our foundation

For over 50 years, RWDI has tackled complex challenges in the built environment. Recognized for its deep technical expertise, it is RWDI’s unique knowledge, teams of leading experts, and decades of collected data that uniquely position it to help build a better, more sustainable world.

With ParticleOne, you gain access to leading experts in building sciences and genomics—and the technology they develop and use. 

ParticleOne News

Read how Toronto Pearson Airport integrated ParticleOne as an early-warning surveillance tool to protect travellers and employees.

Learn more about how 10C can better plan virus mitigation strategies and offer peace of mind for members and community booking holders.

BentallGreenOak announces debut of ParticleOne, science-based technology platform that mitigates viral risk transmission in commercial real estate.

Infectious disease leaders, BlueDot joins ParticleOne to help businesses and governments better protect people and mitigate disruption.

ParticleOne assesses local pharmacy’s risk of viral transmission to protect staff and customers.

Canadian engineers and scientists develop ParticleOne, virus-resiliency software to measure, track, and reduce transmission risk inside buildings.

ParticleOne Platform

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Quantify pathogen risk with the ParticleOne Platform, cloud-based software that measures, models and reduces the risk of viral transmission within a specific shared space.

ParticleOne Research

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Access the latest tools, emerging knowledge and research performed by ParticleOne genomic scientists and air-quality researchers. Learn more

Create healthy, virus-resilient buildings with ParticleOne C