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Building occupants and tenants expect healthy indoor air.

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Building owners and facility managers

Encourage people to return to buildings with confidence by demonstrating your commitment to clean air that reduces virus transmission. With minimal inputs, ParticleOne keeps buildings in a “Prepared” state, creating environments where people know their well-being matters.

Managing healthy air is no longer complicated. ParticleOne software:

Models a building’s risk in hours

Integrates with existing healthy building systems

Removes doubt from decision-making

Forecasts emerging viruses and variants

“We are committed to empowering our properties with the ParticleOne technology platform to make better-informed and refined operational decisions in a world where COVID and the potential for other infectious disease events are now embedded elements in the ongoing management of our assets.”
Christina Iacoucci

Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, BentallGreenOak

ParticleOne technology is trusted by organizations and agencies across North America

How it works

Developed by the world-class building-performance engineers at RWDI, ParticleOne predictive software is easy to implement and use. It calculates the specific viral risk in unique spaces, working to keep all shared spaces in a “Prepared” state. Should the risk level for a space increase and put operations at risk, ParticleOne flags it as in “Caution” and alerts users. Clear guidance is then outlined on what engineering controls are required, enabling quick action.

Updated continuously with local infectious disease data, ParticleOne removes the guesswork from decision making.

ParticleOne Platform

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Quantify pathogen risk with the ParticleOne Platform, cloud-based software that measures, models and reduces the risk of viral transmission within a specific shared space.

ParticleOne Research

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Access the latest tools, emerging knowledge and research performed by ParticleOne genomic scientists and air-quality researchers. Learn more

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