Healthy Air

Healthy air requires viral-risk interventions

To be confident that indoor environments are safe requires regularly measuring and monitoring indoor air for airborne biohazards, including infectious diseases.

A simple, validated, science-first solution to managing viral risk

Developed and used by world-class building-performance engineers and scientists at RWDI, ParticleOne is a cloud-based platform that measures and monitors specific airborne risks within a building, based on use, location, and ventilation systems. Factoring in the latest epidemiological data, it creates clear, evidence-based mitigation plans as needed, which are customized for each space.

Validate air quality. Reduce viral risks.

ParticleOne virus-resiliency software for buildings:

Models a building’s risk within hours

Easily scales from one building to many

Removes doubt from decision-making

Identifies risks and appropriate mitigations

Forecasts emerging viruses for proactive planning

Validated by the global wellness leaders for the built environment

Create healthy, virus-resilient buildings with ParticleOne C