ParticleOne Research

ParticleOne Research is rooted in the science of pathogen dynamics. We recognize that just as risk is ever-evolving, so must be our response.

Current research

The ParticleOne Pathogen Research Lab in Guelph, Ontario provides a world-class environment for advancing how we detect pathogen threats and design safer spaces.

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Non-invasive pathogen detection

The future of pathogen detection needs to rely on non-invasive technologies that continually monitor the environment for threats. We’re developing sensors that are integrated into a building’s air ventilation system or a community’s wastewater infrastructure to provide rapid alerting of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

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Dynamic risk monitoring

The future of risk profiling needs to be real-time and using the most accurate information of what’s happening in a building and community. We’re developing technology to incorporate building IoT sensors and public health data sources to dynamically track risks as they evolve and enable operational responses.

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Actionable information

The future of risk management is making data available and actionable by all stakeholders, including the tenants, customers, and staff occupying a space. We’re developing data solutions to make this information accessible and relevant, including public data displays, mobile apps, and APIs for third party developers.

ParticleOne Platform

Quantify pathogen risk with the ParticleOne Platform, cloud-based software that measures, models and reduces the risk of viral transmission within a specific shared space.

ParticleOne Consulting

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Benefit from access to leading building and genomic scientists, including the world-renowned environmental engineers at RWDI, to build evidence-based pathogen risk-management strategies.

Manage pathogen risks with ParticleOne technology and world-class consultants